A Life Of Gaming Is Great...
A Living From Gaming Is Sublime.

Learn more about why we wanted to make the gaming dream real for everyone.

Namanh Hoang and Derrick Truong were both friends and past coworkers and among the many things they shared in common, the most import to both of them was gaming. Both have been gamers for a majority of their lives. In addition to having a passion for gaming, both worked in the gaming industry. Namanh as a strategist and consultant for numerous gaming companies and Derrick as the head of e-sports at iBuyPower.com.

It was not a coincidence that they both faced the same issues when it came to sponsorships of gaming community influencers such as professional teams, players and streamers which included: discovering popular gamers and contacting them, negotiating sponsorship cost and contracts, managing the day to day activities associated with e-sports sponsorships and most importantly generating reports that could show the ROI from these investments.

HelloGamers is a platform that brings gaming industry influencers and sponsors together easily and served as an daily tool to save time and money when it came to gaming sponsorships. Namanh and Derrick recognized the explosive growth of e-sports and gaming sponsorships so utilizing their existing relationship with major sponsors, players, teams and influencers, they began asking key gaming influencers about the problems they faced when it came to sponsorships. Their answers mirrored and confirmed Namanh and Derrickā€™s own experiences so they began developing HelloGamers, a online network and toolset tailored for the needs of gamers and sponsors looking to engage in sponsorships.

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